The Quiz Feature
By postAprop

> Improves conversion rate
> Qualifies your leads

Setup a series of questions:

What type of home?
Are you a first time buyer?
Do you need loan assistance?

You can setup the questions before or after lead capture.  All answers, including contact info, are stored in your database.

Why does this rock?
Because its tested to convert more leads and capture additional information with each new lead.

Save your valuable time
Its automated lead qualifying as the quiz takes the lead through a quick series of questions.

***A Free Upgrade For Users Of postAprop


See Live Page

Click for quiz page example...


A few more examples below...

Customizing is easy. 
Here is another look of the Split Screen Page


How To Use These Pages?

1. Link to your current website & improve the effectiveness of your site.
2. Co-marketing plan with loan professionals
3. With Facebook ads or posts
4. Local marketing & drive traffic to the quiz page
5. Online marketing, digital ads, Google, Bing, etc

Agent benefits?
How about more leads into your database?
That's what you'll see with these pages.

Great Example Of Using A Quiz On Facebook?
This is a must-see setup.
With this setup, we capture the lead first with one of our "Facebook Integrated" pages. Then on page 2, we have a quiz to gather info & qualify the lead.

This works!
Click below to see it.


More from postAprop

See 3 more page examples below & a short video about our BEST PROMO ever.  Watch it below.


First Time Buyer

Very effective at building your database.  


Just Listed/Sold

Utilize your listings & sales to build your business.


Home Value Page

Offer more value than a Zillow-Type estimate.

The Pro Plan 2019
A Campaign Created For You

Right now, postAprop has over 150 different page designs for all types of lead generation including pages with Facebook integration in place.

We also have a special pro plan that provides you with a complete lead campaign that includes the following:
1. Complete 2 step lead funnel with quiz on page 2.
2. All lead follow up setup for you (including text)
3. Facebook Ad setup including ad copy, graphics, & targeting

We do it all.

Small one time fee with the pro plan

Let us create it for you.
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